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Version 0.470

2017. Aug 28.

In this update we have added several new hero images. Few smaller changes have also been performed.

New hero images added

Version 0.460

2017. Jul 11.

As we moved forward it turned out, that some of the basic user interface elements are not in the right position. In this update we tried to fix this issue. Hopefully we don’t need to refator these basics in the future again. Anyway, we hope you like it as it is now.

User interface changes

Version 0.450

2017. Apr 18.

Single-player level browser is implemented. Now you can check worlds of other users and you can also show what you are capable of. Few smaller changes have also been performed.

Single-player level browser

Version 0.440

2017. Mar 12.

Map feature and item packs are implemented. Now you can easily have a quick overview of any world you land on. By releasing the item packs feature we have made a step towards to the complete game experience.

Map feature and item packs

Version 0.430

2017. Jan 24.

During the holidays we had some time to refresh the menu design. Few smaller changes have also been performed.

Menu design changes

Version 0.421

2016. Dec 17.

Releasing the first version, we have realized that any user can delete the complete universe with a single click. ;) Quick patch has been published, nothing else has happened here.

Version 0.42

2016. Dec 13.

After two years of preparing, the first version is finally available for everyone. We are only at the beginning of the process, so this is a very early release. More and more features are coming up. Stay tuned.


If you have any ideas or excperiencing some issues, do not hesitate to send us feedback.